Tree Industry
Adaptable Aerial Solutions LLC was conceived as a solution for the Hampton Roads Tree Care Industry. With over twenty years of working and business ownership experience in the industry, we know we are directly addressing a serious need for safer, faster and lower-risk solutions to difficult and potentially dangerous working environments that result in serious injury and property damage. We do it quickly, with less boots on the ground, reducing the need to dedicate crews and equipment to difficult and complex tasks. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions to your problem jobs. We have some of the most amazing and adaptable equipment available in the industry today, world-wide.

Introducing the TreeMek
The Mek is a crane, climber and groundsman. It rarely calls in sick and holds your business hostage. This unit provides the ability to remove and prune trees, remotely, without ever having the need to put a climber in the tree. The Mek also reduces the ground staff needed. Trees parts are removed in manageable sizes and can be placed on the chipper deck by the crane. You literally only need to send 1 groundsman, your chipper, and a truck. The Mek and I will take care of everything else. Perhaps your crew and equipment are on another jobsite. We will remove the tree alone and have it staged in a manageable fashion for when you arrive. This has the potential to essentially double your production for the day. If traditional crane work is your preference, the unit is a crane first and a Treemek second. The Grapple Saw comes off the boom and the crane can be used in traditional lift configurations.This unit does it all! Give us a call and see what we can do.

Construction Industry and Lift Solutions.
Adaptable Aerial Solutions LLC provides lift and access solutions to a multitude of industries and professions, not just Arboriculture. This unit is a mobile articulating crane truck. We can provide traditional lift or access solutions to you in situations where a traditional cable crane may not be practical. For example, we have a capacity to lift and move with the boom level to the ground and below grade.  Have something in your factory, arena or shop needing to be lifted? We can do it without having to go through the roof. No matter how complicated or simple your need is, call us. We can help with providing an affordable solution.


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TreeMek in Action